23 October 2014

Paris Peace Agreement Day October 23rd

If you are in Cambodia on 23rd October - take it easy: banks and offices (apart from tour companies) will be closed. The country is celebrating Paris Peace Agreement Day. In some way this holiday marks an anniversary of “New Cambodia” as we know it now. On 23rd October 1991 peace documents signed in Paris (hence the name of the holiday) marked not only the end of the Cambodian-Vietnamese war, but also the end of communistic era. Two years later the country held its first Democratic elections.

In 2004 the government cancelled the holiday, and it was brought back on the list of Cambodian National holidays only in 2013. Even after the Peace Agreement was signed, remaining Khmer Rouge soldiers continued to fight, and real peace came to Cambodia only at the end of 1990s.
Nevertheless for many citizens 23rd October is a very important day when country’s political direction had changed, opening Cambodia to the rest of the world, and making nowadays development and growing prosperity possible.

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